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Copper Press Fit Fittings - Copper Press Fittings - Pressfit Fittings

Plumbing World is a premier stockist and distributor of press fit fittings suitable for both water and gas applications.  Copper Press fittings have been available for several decades but are still a fairly recent method of joining pipes and building plumbing systems when compared with older methods such as soldering and compression. Whilst soldering and compression joining methods will always have their place, there are significant advantages in using the press fit system.

Unlike the older soldering method, press fit requires no heat or solder wire and the fittings do not have to be welded to the pipe. Once the fitting is in place a special power tool is used to press the fitting and this creates a solid joint between the press fitting and the pipe. This new method requires significantly less skill to use and install.

Some plumbers might think that copper press fittings connection are not as strong, but so long as the manufacturers instructions are adhered to, they form a leak proof joint that is as strong as any you might expect. Additionally many manufacturers supply their press fittings with special O-rings that have leak indicators. This makes finding any problems during installation even easier and more efficient and helps ensure higher levels of safety. Press fit fittings are manufactured in accordance with EN 1057 and can be used with hard, half-hard and soft copper tube.

The press method is significantly safer to work with since no open flames are required. Some situations such as narrow openings make using soldering particularly dangerous and by using press fit fittings and the associated tool this danger can be avoided. This can be particularly useful on some sites where additional health and safety paper work can slow down a job when performing joins using the more traditional soldering method. Some sites such as schools may have an outright ban on using open flames and this can make jobs more difficult to complete without the use of the more modern press fit solution.

When you take into account preparation, press fit fittings are significantly faster to install and in fact can reduce installation times by up to two thirds while still completing the job to the same high quality standard. Copper Press fittings can even be used on wet systems and can remove the need to shut off the water during the installation process. If you are trying to repair a leaking pipe this might be a significant advantage. Once the press has been completed it the fitting will provide a water tight join to the pipe.

Once installed copper press fittings are solid and permanent, they cannot be rotated or dismantled and reused. Outside of water and gas, they can also be used for a variety of oil free compressed air applications. The only limitation of Press fittings is that they should not be used where corrosive liquids or gases need to be transported and cannot be used where the system pressure is greater than that recommended by the fitting manufacturer.

Plumbing World stock a wide range of press fittings ranging from 15mm domestic pipes, all the way up to 76mm for commercial applications. We also supply the pressing tool required to perform this modern joining method. If you require any further information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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