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Currently we have no vacancies, but check back soon for exciting career opportunity’s at Plumbing World.

At Plumbing World we believe in RESPECT

R – Recognition and acknowledgement
Saying thank you for a job well done or making an effort
Accepting an opinion that differs from your own
Publicly acknowledging someone who has done well

E - Empowerment
Giving staff the power to make their own decisions without the fear of come back
Monitoring own performance to ensure you are completing work and achieving results
Let others have their say without interruption

S - Service
Being honest with each other – especially when under pressure
Developing better understanding of our customers’ needs and wants
Under promise and over deliver

P – Partnering and Collaboration
Working together as a team to achieve a win-win result
Helping a colleague when they are under pressure
Demonstrating awareness of how your own behaviour affects others

E – Set clear Expectations
Making sure you are clear about what is expected and why
Taking responsibility for understanding what expectations are placed on you
Holding each other to account for their actions

C – Consideration towards others
Concentrate on effectiveness rather than hours spent at work
Emphasise the importance of balance by making time for it yourself
Thank people when they give their personal time for work

T - Trust
Do what you say you’re going to do, when you say you’re going to do it
Admit when you have made a mistake or will be late delivering a task or project
Be honest if you do not understand what is being asked of you
Always maintain a positive attitude to business decisions, even when you may not agree

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