Shower Boards

Plumbing World is a premier stockist and retailer of waterproof shower boards for shower walls. In the past tiles were the go to choice for bathrooms. The problem is that they can take a long time to install, are prone to being damaged and then once installed it takes significant effort to keep them clean and maintained. This a particular issue for the grout that is found in between tiles, which can be especially tricky to keep clean. On the other hand shower boards come as large pre-assembled panels and are completely non-porous and thus are waterproof.

They are constructed as a honeycomb shaped structure which makes our shower boards very strong and yet keeps them very light and easy to handle. The boards for shower walls have a completely smooth and flat surface and this makes them easy to clean especially compared with the more difficult task of cleaning tiles. The light weight nature and large size of the shower board panels makes them very quick to install and large areas can be covered in a fraction of the time that it would take to tile the same room.

All of the shower board panels supplied by Plumbing World are made from high grade top quality materials including PVC and MDF and they are all built to last. We only deal with trusted suppliers and manufacturers so that we can be certain that the shower boards that we supply are going to look great, be easy to install but also stand the test of time and reliability.

Using boards for shower walls has become much more popular recently especially due the cost savings. Not only do many of our shower boards work out much cheaper than buying tiles to cover an equivalent area but because they are so much easier to install, you will also make a great saving on labour costs when having them fitted. This will allow you to save time and be able to get your renovations completed sooner.

If you are a DIY enthusiast then shower boards might be exactly what you need for your next project. You can completely transform a room and the shower boards panels can be affixed using a simple tube of suitable sealant glue. We offer a wide range of trims which add a professional finish to all of your edges and corners with similar ease.  

There are many stunning designs to choose from, ranging from brilliant gloss white, though to the sparkle or crystal effect shower boards, all the way through to the stone or marble effect panels, which give a more natural look. Whether you prefer a more eye catching design or more subtle earthy textures, our shower board panels are available in a finish that will complete your refurbishment.

Whatever your shower board requirements, you can be sure that Plumbing World can supply what you need. We keep a range of waterproof boards in stock with many more available for delivery within a matter of days. If you would like any further information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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